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modyfing the focus point without croping the

Posted: 17.11.2008 13:49
by finoseco
Hello, maybe a silly question but can't figure it out !

When shooting macro with a macro lens, modyfing the focus point will result in changing the distance between the lens and the subject... how do you proceed to keep the same framing without croping the subject ????

Thanks a lot in advance !

Posted: 17.11.2008 18:23
by tombell
You have to adjust your focus from back to front or vice versa. You can buy a rail system that slides the camera back and forth. You have to go slow and maybe use manual focus. Then after taking 10, or so, shots, you stack them.

I'm a beginner myself, but thats how I see it.

Posted: 17.11.2008 19:06
by finoseco
Yes indeed, but this is exactly where the problem is ! Moving the lens will result in changing the framing ! :roll:

Posted: 17.11.2008 23:32
by rlernst
I have found that the image changes slightly if you either adjust the lens focus or move the focal plane (entire camera). However, when I stacked them, the software did adjust the images to register all of them. Rich