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Hedera Helix (Ivy flowers)

Posted: 07.09.2005 10:04
by fotopol
The enclosed image represents Iivy flowers, an Heliconized combination of 15 images.

The subject measure 26 mm basis and the deepth of field is 21 mm. :D

Canon 300D
Macro objective Canon 2,5 50 mm.
F stop 4,0

Focus steps manually operated with a high precision focusing rail.

Pol (Fotopol)

Hemera Helix

Posted: 07.09.2005 14:53
by fotopol
Here his a d├ętail of one flower only, basis of the subject 12 mm.

Canon 300D
Objective 50 mm 1:5,6 (Enlarger Lens, excellent for photomacrography)
F stop 5,6
30 images heliconized

Manual Focus with high precision rail


Posted: 10.09.2005 09:43
by Dan Kozub
I like the bottom flower on the first shot the most. It looks like a space station :)