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Camptopus lateralis

Posted: 31.03.2006 10:09
by dgeystor
A rather common bug, not very visible until it takes to the air, flashing its bright orange abdomen.

Size : 12 mm
Sorry if the image is too large - it was to show what Helicon focus is capable of.


Posted: 31.03.2006 17:30
by Dan Kozub
Great quality! in the next versions of Helicon Focus we will add a scale/ruler so it will be easier to estimate the size of the object.
How big is this one?

Posted: 31.03.2006 21:13
by dgeystor

Read my text : "size 12 mm".
That's not very big.
Camera : Canon EOS 20D, Canon macro lens 100mm.
Stopped down to f/5.6 for better crispness.