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retouching tutorial

Posted: 24.10.2011 15:29
by hondoguy2
Are you going to have a tutorial on using the retouching tools? It would be nice for us non-intuitive types.

Re: retouching tutorial

Posted: 26.10.2011 10:20
by Stas Yatsenko
We would appreciate your questions on this so that we can extend existing help ( ... touch.html link to our online help/ focus retouching)

Re: retouching tutorial

Posted: 17.12.2011 03:53
by gmazza
I wonder if it's possible to use stacked images as source files in retouching, for example, I prefer method B for some image but in some details the method A works better, it is possible to make two stacks and retouch the photo of method B, the main photo, with a few parts from method A (a hybrid technique) in order to get the best of two worlds ?



Re: retouching tutorial

Posted: 19.12.2011 12:42
by Stas Yatsenko
This is possible. You can save A result, then B result. Then process A+B as a new stack and use retouching.