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1st attempt at Quicktime VR with Helicon Focus

Posted: 05.09.2006 00:17
by TomMeeks
You'll have to pardon both the subject and the quality of the camera used in this test. The subject was close at hand, dead and cooperative. The camera was close at hand and has a live video feed so that tracking focus changes are a bit easier... especially for a first time effort.

Each VR image was taken with 10 or more shots and processed in Helicon Focus without any prior experience with the product. ...

I was quite pleased with the workflow and the result. I have also posted the test with and without Helicon Focus on the DPReview OpenTalk forums. ... e=19883313

Posted: 05.09.2006 09:34
by Dan Kozub
Thanks for your tests! Very intersting experiment.

It's a very nice product

Posted: 05.09.2006 14:52
by TomMeeks
It should be one of the more difficult things for HeliconFocus to deal with.

First, there was the flatness of the image due to using a light ring; secondly, there was a lack of bright colors and sharp contrasts and thirdly, the camera itself is softer than one might really want for macro shooting. Everything worked AGAINST HeliconFocus, yet it was able to do a reasonably good job.

The next stage is to (1) add depth with different lighting and (2) use a different camera. While E-10 has fewer pixels than the Casio EX-P505, it also has better glass.

While a brightly colored better subject might have provided more 'wow' factor, it might have masked the real things that we must take into consideration to do this well.

I only wish that I'd had this product when I shot this: ... plexus.jpg