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First Non-Long-Dead-Grasshopper Test - Recently dead Bee :)

Posted: 19.09.2006 05:12
by TomMeeks
Dead ones don't move. :)

This was posted as part of a thread on DPReview. ... e=20093630

I'm still in the 'Trial' period and I have extremely little macro experience to this point... new camera... new macro lens.. and, new software. But, Helicon Focus is SO forgiving that it makes even a complete novice look reasonably good. Still got a LONG way to go with my shooting technique and camera work. But, this is one great tool. Excuse the clumsy attempt at flattening the background to black. It's a test, not a piece of art. :)

The most important thing I learned on this test is to use the self timer shutter option. The shutter speed was set so low that my first images captured more camera shake than anything else. Using the 10 second timer made the source images rock solid.

I continue to be amazed that Helicon Focus deals with the Rock & Roll Manfrotto Focus Rack with ease. If you saw the misalignment of the source images you'd be amazed by this result.


Posted: 19.09.2006 09:07
by Dan Kozub

What camare are you using? I would suggest you to use Remote control (usual, wireless or IR) if it is available for your camera.

This will speed up your work.


Remote is DEFINITELY on the list!

Posted: 19.09.2006 13:39
by TomMeeks
Dan Kozub wrote:Том,

What camare are you using? I would suggest you to use Remote control (usual, wireless or IR) if it is available for your camera.

This will speed up your work.

I'm using one of the new Canon XTi's with a 100mm macro lens. It's completely new to me after years of having the Olympus E-10. As part of my noise reduction strategy when I shot my daughter's artwork with the E-10, I used stacks of images and a piece of software that averaged the pixels in the stack. This could only be accomplished with a remote shutter cable.

I DEFINITELY need a remote shutter cable for the Canon. But, I keep forgetting to include one every time I make an order for more equipment. It's an age thing. :)

I'm expecting to recieve one of the new Zigview S2 systems in the next week or so and it has remote capabilities. If the Zigview works as I hope, I expect to be viewing the whole process of shooting the macro stacks on a large screen monitor and using its remote capabilities to take the shot.

I can tell you this. I've gained a WHOLE lot more respect for those that capture live insects with a macro lens in doing these experiments. :)

In the long run, my goals are a bit different then most people taking those gorgeous images of the tiny side of life. The 'art' of it is only a means to an end in terms of my goal, which is to create a web site to encourage children and adults to learn to look closer and really SEE the beautiful world around them. TO most people a bee is something you swat and run away from at a picnic... not something to seen as an intricate thing of exquisite workmanship. To me, a microscope or camera and Helicon Focus is the ultimate combination of educational tools.

If I can get people mildly interested in exploring, in detail, and point them to the work of true artists, like Charles Krebs, I will have accomplished my goals.