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Recent Helicon convert. Image, Jewel beetle

Posted: 03.10.2006 05:53
by Museumtech
I'm sold.

After three goes I was able to produce the attached image. It is the underside of a Jewel beetle, Chalcophora mariana florentina. I have include a 'fit to screen' sized image to give an idea of scale and then cut a full sized segment to show the detail and quality of the stiching. The source images were taken on a Canon 5D digital SLR with a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lense. 12 shots were taken at f 8.0 with a tungsten light source.

At the moment I am making do with a standard copy stand so the best I can do is movements of roughly 0.5mm. I hope to rectify this soon.


Posted: 03.10.2006 20:14
by Dan Kozub
Unbelievable, how deep human eye can see : ) Great details and overall quality!