Manfrotto focus rail

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Manfrotto focus rail

Post by Museumtech » 09.10.2006 07:56

I have had the use of a Manfrotto 454 sliding micropositioning plate for the past two days. As can be seen from the two compared images, 41 steps sure beats 14. The rail has a fine adjustment knob that moves the camera 1.25mm for every full turn. I have been using 1/8 turn between each take which moves the camera only 0.15mm.

There has been some discussion about this piece of equipment being very loose and jumping around all over the place. While this is true during adjustment, I have found that when tightened between each adjustment the camera has lined up perfectly for me ever time. I am using the unit mounted vertically on a copy stand. There is no slip when the locking knob is loosened even with the downward weight of the camera and macro lens.
14 vs 41 Chalcophora_m_florentina.jpg
Segments of two Jewel beetle photos. 14 Stack on the left 41 on the Right.
14 vs 41 Chalcophora_m_florentina.jpg (205 KiB) Viewed 9371 times

Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 09.10.2006 16:23

it looks like the lightening was changed too....

The difference is too noticable, especially reflections round hairs

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Focus Rail and lighting

Post by TomMeeks » 23.10.2006 04:12

Dan Kozub wrote:it looks like the lightening was changed too....

The difference is too noticable, especially reflections round hairs
I also noticed this in my initial tests using a ring flash and a focus rail. Each turn puts not only the camera; but, the light closer to the subject. I then purchased a duel light system and, when mounted on the camera it exhibits even greater changes to the lights as the camera is moved.

I've just purchased a standard light bracket to go UNDER the Manfrotto rail. I'll mount the duel flash on the bracket so that the lights won't change position as the camera is moved back and forth. This means, however, that it will be important to ensure that the light is not blocked at all by the camera as it moves forward.

BTW, I STILL have not received the Zigview S2 which is why I haven't posted any more tests. I'm waiting until I can see if it helps to determine the focus overlap, etc. The 'B' models have shipped. But, I need an 'A' model and they have not arrived in the U.S.A. as yet.

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