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Rebutia kranzia

Posted: 04.01.2007 08:21
by Irwin
I enjoy the contrast of spine and flower. This small cactus, a Rebutia kranzia, seems to create movement by the pattern of its spines. Hope you enjoy.


Posted: 08.01.2007 08:50
by Ariel
That looks cool!
I saw you on BP, by the way.

Posted: 21.01.2007 05:21
by Irwin
Thank you Ariel :)

Posted: 24.01.2007 07:37
by mireille
Beautifull pic of a cactus flower that I didn't know!
Contrast of silk and spines :wink:

Posted: 11.02.2007 08:30
by Guest
Thank you mireille. Do you grow cacti?


Posted: 17.05.2007 08:25
by mireille
Sorry for the long delay, I did not see your reply! :oops:

I do not grow cactus but as Montreal botanical garden has a permanent exhibition of mexicain theme including cactus , each time I go for a visit, I take some shots of cactus flowers! But they are not as well rendered as this one for details and depth of field! :wink: