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Mirros and reflections

Posted: 07.09.2014 14:27
by orac
I was thinking about reflections the day, while we all understand that a camera can capture a reflection from a mirror, I also found that mirror seem to maintain DoF too.

This shot I struggled with dust on the mirror (did some cleaning in PSE after) and there seem to be some and some soft focus in area that were obscured when foreground images were out of focus. The soft focus would normally be hidden by a soft background colour or the fact that the entire back ground would be out of focus.

I think that the idea could work well at a slightly different viewing angle (perhaps closer to the plane of the mirror), and less complex objects.

This stack was taken with a old nikkor 35-80 and reverser ring, aperture of 5.6, shutter 1/20, 195 shots covering 40mm with a custom built macro rail. The rail calculated DoF as 0.294mm and a distance of 0.206mm between each shot

Re: Mirros and reflections

Posted: 10.09.2014 11:53
by Stas Yatsenko
I would recommend to process the stack with methods B and C and then "Use another result as source image" in Retouching to clone problematic areas.

Re: Mirros and reflections

Posted: 11.09.2014 14:02
by orac
didn't think of that, I only have the lite version as I cant justify spending on the full version at this point in time, the lite version which as far as I understand does not include a retouch without adding a water mark.

this image was processed with method C, most of my stack are due to normally imaging insect and leafs which tend to have fairly complex shapes and intersection. Some experimenting with my typical subject has shown that c works best for the most part. I did get some semi transparent antenna, in perfect focus, but semi transparent on a wasp a shot recently.