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External drive on Mac OSX

Posted: 01.12.2014 21:56
by grahambbird
I am following up on my stacking by folders question that you answered. I have the folders on an external drive (USB) connected to a Retina MacBook running Yosemite.

The drive is connected and visible on the desktop, but the Enqueue Add Multiple folders option does not allow me to navigate to the hard drive.

I have tried navigating to my home folder and also to the Computer folder, but cannot see the attached drive. I also tried to find a way to navigate to the \Volumes in order to find the drive, but could see a way to do that either.

BTW, the navigation works fine in Add folder, just NOT in add multiple folders. The navigation is completely different......

Re: External drive on Mac OSX

Posted: 03.12.2014 12:30
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, default system dialog allows to select only one folder so we created our custom dialog for multiple selection.

We will see if we can fix it for external drives.

Re: External drive on Mac OSX

Posted: 03.12.2014 17:29
by grahambbird
Thanks. Just as a note, please use the system finder style dialog, as with single folder selection, rather than the non-standard multi-folder dialog.



Re: External drive on Mac OSX

Posted: 15.06.2015 23:48
by Specialspoon
Hi Stas,

I note that someone else has flagged this problem some time ago. I'm using OSX Yosemite, and making folders of shots on my external drive using HR. I NEED HF to be able to "enqueue folders" and recognise external drives because my computer doesn't have this amount of space on local drives. Please fix this, otherwise I have to manually add single folders one at a time.


Re: External drive on Mac OSX

Posted: 17.06.2015 11:11
by Stas Yatsenko
We will surely try. The problem is that this alternative dialog is part of Qt framework which we can't change. And the system dialog does not support multiple selections.