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First Helicon Focus Picture ....

Posted: 24.03.2007 22:39
by Guest
Well, I must say, Helicon Focus certainly is easy enough to use. I got up this morning and decided to take some macro pictures of one of the flowers in our back yard that just started blooming.

I wish the light was a bit better but there is a mountain on the east side of us so we don't get that nice morning light only shadow and by the time the light hits us, the wind is starting to kick up. These flowers are on long runners so it doesn't take much wind to get them moving. So, morning shadow it is ...

The flowers are about the size of an American quarter. I shot it with a 60mm Nikon macro lens with a 36mm extension tube on a D200. I cleaned it up slightly with Photoshop since I get a little halo effect around the outsides of the petals. Also, I upped the saturation slightly as well. (+5 any more caused blocking -- is this normal at such a low setting ???)