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saving back to lightroom

Post by Carmen » 30.04.2015 03:12

Can some please tell me how to save back to lightroom? the tutorials are not correct as the windows that pop up are different to actual programme, I am using lightroom 6 and HF is up to date

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: saving back to lightroom

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 30.04.2015 10:53

1. Launch Photoshop Lightroom and import the stack that you want to be rendered.
2. Select images.
3. Export to Helicon Focus. Call the context menu with a right-click on any of the chosen images and go for Export - Helicon Focus. If you want to check or adjust export settings, use the Shift+Ctrl+E shortcut instead of just right-clicking. Helicon Focus will be launched automatically. The stack will be displayed in the Source images window in the top right hand corner.
4. Render with Helicon Focus. Adjust the processing settings and start rendering. The resulting image icon will appear in the Output images menu in the bottom right hand corner. If you find that the resulting image needs some retouching or you want to add text/scale, go to the relevant tab.
5. Save output image. Once you feel like stacking is done and you are happy with the result, go to the Saving tab, hit the Save button and choose the folder, the file type and name.
6. Close Helicon Focus. The resulting image will be imported back to Lightroom automatically.

Please have a look at this video of how Lightroom plugin works:

Please also follow this link: ... _Lightroom

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Re: saving back to lightroom

Post by Pwscott » 30.04.2016 21:16

Also NOTE that in Lightroom, if in the Library Module, at the top right under CATALOG, you don't have ALL PHOTOGRAPHS selected, you wontt see the newly written back resulting image file. Often that is set on PREVIOUS IMPORT from prior check that.

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