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brand new Canon 5DS R; Focus says it can't open my .CR2 file

Posted: 05.08.2015 19:51
by mike_mccue
I'm testing out my new Canon 5DS R and I have run in to an issue where Helicon Focus will not open the .CR2 files from that camera.
I checked and it still functions perfectly with my Canon 5DmkII files.

I have been using Adobe Bridge CS6, Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Camera RAW 9.1.1 as well as Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4.3.0 with these new 5DS R .CR2 files and have had no problems.

I've only had the 5DS R for a day and I haven't installed any of the software from Canon's accompanying CD.

I can see the thumbnail of the photo in the right hand source images column. If I click on any of them I see the circular green animation flash in the main screen and then get a dialog "Failed to open image".

What can I do to fix this?

Thank you.

Re: brand new Canon 5DS R; Focus says it can't open my .CR2

Posted: 06.08.2015 21:36
by Stas Yatsenko
I think this depends on RAW development setting in Helicon Focus. In the RAW development settings under Source image list you are able to choose RAW engine and its parameters.
You also need to install Adobe DNG Converter:
and setup the path to DNG Converter in Helicon Focus menu "Preferences / Integration".

Re: brand new Canon 5DS R; Focus says it can't open my .CR2

Posted: 08.08.2015 15:19
by mike_mccue
Hi Stas,
Thank you for the suggestion.

I have been using Helicon Focus with the .CR2 files from my Canon 5DmkII successfully for several months. I checked and I have been using Adobe DNG Converter v8.7.1 so I just updated to the latest v9.1.1 and now everything seems to work with the new Canon 5DS R .CR2 files.

It seems as if the compatibility with the new 5DS R camera was added in v9.0.0 a few weeks after I got set up and running with my 5DmkII files and I hadn't recognized a need to update until now.

Thank you.