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Cannot reload projects

Posted: 22.12.2016 20:39
by dkfotas
Hi - I am new to Helicon Focus and might not be doing something right. My understanding is that it is possible to save a project so that it could be worked on later on again. But it does not seem to work for me. Here is my workflow:

1. Export stack from Lightroom to Helicon Focus
2. Render
3. Retouch as needed
4. Save Project
5. Save an output image as TIF
6. Close Helicon Focus
7. Continue working in Lightroom

However, I needed to re-open Helicon Focus to make additional adjustments to the image. When I tried to re-load the Project file, I get an error with nothing in it (see attached).

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 23.12.2016 16:42
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the report. Apparently, this happens when the link between the project file itself (.hproj) and the files it refers to is broken. For example, when you move the project file (.hproj) but forget to move the associated folder ([projectname_files]). Obviously, the error message should actually display a meaningful message - we'll fix that.

Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 23.12.2016 21:24
by dkfotas
Hi Stas - the issue I am experiencing is that I do not move the project file or the folder. It is always in the same location. I would even save a new project, close Helicon and then re-open it and will not be able to load the project that I saved a min ago...

Should I be able to re-open projects even if I export stack from Lightroom and bring it back into Lightroom?

As you would appreciate, this is super urgent for me as I cannot stop and re-start working on a project at a later time - so I am forced to do all editing at once which could be very challenging with some of my stacks that have over 100 images and need a fair bit of retouching.

Please let me know when you might expect the fix for the load issue (I am not overly concerned with the error message accuracy - just want to be able to re-load projects).

Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 26.12.2016 13:07
by Stas Yatsenko
Now that you specifically asked about Lightroom, I realized that must be why it doesn't work. Lightroom creates temporary images during the export process. These images are subsequently deleted when export is finished (e. g. when you close Focus). So the project refers to non-existing images.

Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 22.03.2017 19:00
by nocomment

New user here. I have encountered this problem too.

Does this mean that if I use Lightroom then the project cannot be reloaded? Are there any work arounds to this? I like the convenience of using Lightroom but the inability to reload a project is a serious limitation.

Kind regards


Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 23.03.2017 17:17
by Stas Yatsenko
Please send an error report after that happens (menu -> Feedback -> Report a bug).

Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 05.05.2019 06:24
by NoOneElse
Was there any solution offered for this problem? The precise thing happens with my workflow and this is 2 years later??

Kind Regards

Re: Cannot reload projects

Posted: 06.05.2019 10:45
by Catherine
If you're exporting images from Lightroom, you cannot save this job as a project. Lightroom creates temporary image files during export and deletes them when the export process finishes (that is, when you close Helicon Focus). So if you save a project, you only end up with links to non-existent temporary files.

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