Daddy-Longlegs (Harvestman), eyes

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Charles Krebs
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Daddy-Longlegs (Harvestman), eyes

Post by Charles Krebs » 03.09.2007 20:32

The eyes of Daddy-Longlegs are fascinating to see. (Again... thanks Danylo for the software that makes shots like this possible!)

Nikon D200, Canon 35/2.8 macro bellows lens, on bellows.
81 images in stack.

Nikon D200, Nikon Epi-5X microscope objective on bellows.
65 images in stack.

Nikon D200. 12.5/2 Minolta bellows lens on bellows.
81 images in stack.

Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 04.09.2007 12:35

surrealistic, i would say!!

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Post by Ariel » 05.09.2007 07:29


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Post by mireille » 12.09.2007 01:48


Each of your images are stunning Charles..this is an incredible adventure for the viewer!
It's more than real!
The quality is far beyond of the few I've seen before (tone gamut, details and sharpness)
(your work should be published..if not yet)
''Photographier c'est peindre avec la lumière''



Post by Guest » 24.09.2008 18:26

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

It's like a Nightmare monster .. love it

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