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Posted: 02.03.2018 18:30
by jimh12345
I'm using Helicon Focus with a Sony and I want to automate the process somehow. I know Helicon oesn't support Sony, apparently because Sony's API doesn't include focus control. A bit of research turns up Stackshot (and a couple of cheaper competitors), which works by moving the camera on a rail. It's not exactly clear if Stackshot supports Sony, but I think they do, if you buy a $40 cable.

So is that what other Sony users are doing? Or is there a better solution?

Re: about Stackshot

Posted: 05.03.2018 11:08
by Stas Yatsenko
I can't say what other Sony users are doing, but yes, that should work. Helicon Remote does support this mode of operation with Stackshot and Wemacro.

Re: about Stackshot

Posted: 01.05.2018 10:05
by JonSverre
Hi, I am using the Stackshot with Sony alpha 6300 a Metabones adapter and a Canon MP-E65. Had to order a special cable for connecting camera to controller, but it works fine. Have to adjust all parameters on the camera though and download the pictures to the laptop after making the stack (switching cables). I prefer laptop (Microsoft Surface pro, very portable) to enable work in the field.

I am using a rechargeable battery with the Stackshot making it possible to work feeely in the field.

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Posted: 27.05.2018 13:38
by el48tel
I use a Sony Alpha A77 and a Sony Alpha A350 on a Stackshot rig. The guys at Cognysis are very helpful and will advise on the connector. There are two different Sony connectors which connect camera to the Stackshot control unit via the remote socket which sits under a protective cover. The great thing about the Stackshot control unit is that you can set up the parameters on the unit not on the camera and so the camera is not disturbed.
If you live in Europe you'll find the guys at Photospecialist (based in Belgium/Netherlands but with telephone numbers in most European countries) very very very helpful too.