Command Line - progress reporting and dmap naming?

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Command Line - progress reporting and dmap naming?

Post by sheimend » 05.10.2017 22:10

Hi there,

I'm back to work on some automation wrappers around the command line interface for HeliconFocus.exe. Overall, it works well, but I'm now trying to make my automation layers more sophisticated and I'm bumping into some limitations. Specifically I have two questions (or, requests disguised as questions :D )

1. Is there any way to get progress reporting from HeliconFocus.exe to my calling process? I'm launching the process from my own code (C# WPF) and redirecting the standard output, but all I get is "Hello" every time Helicon runs. If, instead, there was a way to spit out some diagnostic messages, that would totally make my day. For example, writing out "PROGRESS: xx" whenever there's a progress update. I'm happy to read and parse that off the standard output. Same goes for other diagnostic messages or error messages that I can then surface up to my automation layer. Alternately, might these messages live in a log somewhere that I can interrogate?

2. I'm using the "-dmap" flag to save a depth map, but the output file follows the default naming convention of [date][time][params]. For example, "2017-10-05_12-56-33-397 [M=B R=5 S=5]_dmap.jpg". So that I can keep my depth map files organized and easy to find, is there a way for me to specify the depth map name as a command-line parameter? Or, at least, to make it something deterministic, like "[outputfilename]_depth.jpg"?

Thanks in advance for your answers and your help! It's so wonderful that this forum has an active and engaged moderator!

Best regards,

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Command Line - progress reporting and dmap naming?

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 06.10.2017 19:57

You can put a space after "-dmap" and specify a file path for it. This was added recently, and we forgot to reflect this in the manual.

As for progress reporting: standard output is not easily available in a GUI application, at least on Windows. Writing to a file is an option, although not one I'm excited about. We'll have to think about it.

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