Disconnect the wrong way

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Disconnect the wrong way

Post by hoangtaybaokiem1993 » 16.01.2019 06:48

Helicon-remote version 3.8.0
Samsung 10.1 SM-P600 pad, Android version 5.1.1.
Nikon D7200

When Helicon Remote is opened and shows live-view, everything works fine. When the connection is broken, either by disconnected cable or camera switched off while in live view, the Helicon Remote hangs. Trying to exit the program results in nothing, after a while I manage to stop the program by forcing it to stop. If I wait long enough the Android-OS tells me that the program is not answering, ”shall I quit it?” Yes, please, and it closes.
When started again it will not connect to camera. Even if I open the control program and forces a stop för the Helicon app, nothing works.
I have to reboot the Samsung pad to get everything working again.

Now I have learned that I have to exit the Helicon program before switching off the camera. But Helicon Remote for Android should be more ”fool-proof” than that.
Open and closing the program without any camera connected from the beginning works fine.

Regards, Paliswe

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Disconnect the wrong way

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 16.01.2019 12:50

That's odd, I've never seen this happening on any of our devices, and I don't think the problem is on our end. Something's wrong with how your Android handles USB communication. And I don't think there's any way for us to mitigate this behavior of your particular system because there is no event prior to the camera disconnecting. No warning.

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