Sony Alpha 7 RIII - No Autofocus

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Sony Alpha 7 RIII - No Autofocus

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I have a strange error with the newest version of Helicon remote.
After starting HRemote and then my camera the camera makes
a noise like making a picture, but there is no picture.
Then my cameramonitor shows me, that the camera has switched to MF.
Before it was in AF-S-Mode. This occurs every time again.

The Autofokus-Icon of HRemote remains greyed/inactivated.
So it isn´t possible for me to use the Autofocus of HRemote
or to use the manual setting of the focus by HRemote. And so no stacking is possible.
To inactivate the automatic starting of LiveView with starting of HRemote doesn´t
change something.
To change the AF from AF-S to AF-A or AF-C makes no difference.
To chance the Autofocus at my camerabody back from MF to AF leaves the
Autofocusicon of HRemote greyed/inactivated.

Every other function of HRemote is working well with my camera.

Any help ?
Many thanks.
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