CLI or silent mode stack saves minimal EXIF data

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CLI or silent mode stack saves minimal EXIF data

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I have noticed that when I use the CLI command with -silent that exiftool shows 26 lines of output when the output is saved as a TIF, but when the same stack is done in the GUI there are 103 lines output. There are 23 lines output if the CLI -silent stack is saved as a JPG.

The biggest concern is that I have the DPI set to 300 as a preference in the GUI, but that setting is not honoured in the -silent stack. The TIF version has no tags related to resolution at all, while the JPG file has both X and Y Resolution set to '1', with a Resolution Unit of None. (The GUI TIF shows 300 as the resolution and "inches" as the Unit). The editor of a magazine made a passing comment that it would be nice to have the images at 300 dpi, which surprised me as I thought that was already happening!

I probably should have twigged when I returned to a location trying to reproduce an earlier stack, and checked the EXIF info of the previously stacked image to determine the focal length used. There was no EXIF info on Focal Length either - but it's there when stacked using the GUI.

It would be nice if the full set of EXIF info was output in -silent mode, but as a minimum I would like to see the ability to specify the DPI on the command line.

I'm using 8.1.1 Registered Lite Lifetime on a Windows 10 machine.

John Dennis
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