Automate the system with motor & Helicon Remote

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Automate the system with motor & Helicon Remote

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I am working on a personal project, I have a Helicon Remote and I am trying to automate my photography process by using any motor. I have read online and found that servo and stepper are the best options. After some more work, I have finalized the stepper motor as it moves on the exact angle.

I have read online that we can control a simple 6 wire stepper motor with a helicon remote, is it possible? I am using this stepper motor: ... nema17.jpg I want this motor to rotate at complete 360 angle.

The second way I found during searching was microcontroller like raspberry pi: ... fications/ here we need to do some electronics and python coding, something like this: ... ython.html

So, my question is can we do it with remote or we have to use the pi board?

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Re: Automate the system with motor & Helicon Remote

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The motor you linked to is just that - a motor. Helicon Remote works with the controller that has a USB interface for computer control on one end and drives the motor on the other end. The controllers we support are Trinamic/TMCM, Stackshot, and Wemacro. The only option that may be suitable for your motor is TMCM (TMCM-1141, to be exact, this is the model we support).
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