Batch process limited to 500 stacks?

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Batch process limited to 500 stacks?

Post by MiB76 »


I have a project where I need to render 10800 stacks (each 34 Images). I found out that Helicon Focus uses massive amounts of RAM for such a project, so it is not possible to load more than 2000 stacks at a time with 128GB of RAM which was my first problem. The second was that after 500 stacks in one batch process Helicon Focus starts to render images with black horizontal lines that look darker and blurry. I checked it several times the limit seems to be exactly 500.

Is there a solution to batch process these 10800 stacks in one session or somehow automated. It is not so relaxing to start a new batch process every 30min.
I will have many more such 10800 stacks to render (some of them will each have more than 200 images per stack), so an easier solution would be much appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards,
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Re: Batch process limited to 500 stacks?

Post by Catherine »

Hello Michael,

There may be a practical limit of how many stacks can be processed in one session based on the amount of RAM, but 2000 sounds way too low for 128 GB. We're also unfamiliar with the black stripe issue, there are certainly no intentional limits of this kind. We will investigate both problems. Please let me know what kind of stacks these are (image format, resolution, result saving format). Do you use the autosave option, and if yes, what are the exact settings?
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