Olympus bracket renaming

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Olympus bracket renaming

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Thought I would share this, not sure this is the best board for it.

I have only tested with the OM-1. I think is should work on most recent Olympus cameras.

Olympus cameras add a DriveMode exif tag which indicates which shot of what burst or bracket mode the file is.

I wrote the attached awk script which can process exiftool output to produce a batch file which renames the files taking the base name from the first shot of the burst/bracket and appending the type and shot number.

Run as commented in the script from the directory containing the files and check the produced batch file looks good before running it.
The renamed files will look like this for the first 3 shots of a focus bracket

You will need exiftool and awk installed. I use windows (so GNUWIN32 awk). I am sure it can be used on MacOS with a bit of tweaking.
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