DNG vs. TIFF very slow on Windows Version

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DNG vs. TIFF very slow on Windows Version

Post by Cairdeas »

I usually export my files as dng from Lightroom to import them to HF.
With a new PC bought this week, I got also the option to export via a TIFF file.

Comparing both methods, stacking the TIFF files is fast, stacking the DNG's is horrible slow.
When starting with DNG files, the software stops, like if it is thinking, and there seems to be no CPU activity (Task Manager). When doing the same with TIFF it is the total opposite, it is horrible fast.

Is there any explanation for that?

On my old PC, for some reason I did not get the option to export as TIFF, I only had the chance to export via DNG. Maybe that was my fault, but now, the working process is extremely fast.

Did you ever recognize this behaviour?

Kind regards,
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Re: DNG vs. TIFF very slow on Windows Version

Post by Catherine »

Hello Markus,

The old versions of the Lightroom plugin did not come with the TIFF/DNG presets, you had to switch the format in the export settings. We added the presets a few years ago. By installing the new Helicon Focus on the new computer, you also got the new version of the plugin.

This is not a known problem. Can you record a short video demonstrating the issue? Also, after this happens, please send a bug report (menu - Help - Contact support).
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