Some thing i wish in future

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Some thing i wish in future

Post by chris77 » 25.07.2019 11:11


on my work with Helicon Focus, i found some Points that will make the work with your Product more comfortable:

In the Open File Window:
- i can't use the cmd + a Shortcut to select all files
- i can't open folders i mean select a folder and click then to open an the programm open all files in the selected folder

in the Render Window:
- in the sourcefile section (i use the german version so i don't know the english header) you have to go to next and previous files by the arrow keys (down and right = next / up and left = previous)
- also you have to think about more shortcuts and make them custom
- when i change betwen the different methods, the radius and smooth options have to save for only one method, when i change i don't won't to change in one of the other methods!
- when i render there is no button to stop rendering
- when i render and the output file is finished, and i check or uncheck some files and click render again i get a message if i will render withe the same options again, this is annoying
- i miss a button to close all output files also like some have write before to save all

in the Postprocessing Window:
- the message over the cursor all the time is so annoying
- this is maybe only special for my work so i will first tell how i doing. i make of the same scene a output of all three methods and then i render these three outputs and use the best results from each method for the final file. here for my work it will advantageous to save the options (pencil size/smoothnes etc.) for each source-file

Some things i think are really important, like the shortcuts, hey you make a programm for osx!!!!

BG, Chris

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