The Helicon Focus FB d'ont works

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The Helicon Focus FB d'ont works

Post by Robert »

I have Canon 5D MIII with Canon 100mm macro 2,8 L IS USM and Helicon FB thube with magic cable.
The connection between helicon thube and Iphone works good
But whene i take pictures the focus stay always on the same place.
settings lens is MF, FULL
With the lens canon 24-105 works it normal.
What it's wrong?????
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Re: The Helicon Focus FB d'ont works

Post by Catherine »

Please try setting the lens to AF, Full, camera focusing mode to AF-one shot. Does it make any change?

Also please try setting the step size to 150, just for a test: please set the step size in the app to 150 (don’t press Save), direction to infinity, and send the configuration to the tube, then focus on the nearest point making sure that the focus is not at the end of the focus range and has possibility to advance, and shoot series to see if you can see any changes in focus position. If the step has been set to small values, you might not have been able to see the focus advance, especially on few shots.
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Re: The Helicon Focus FB d'ont works

Post by WEIDER »

Like Robert, I have exactly the same problem!?
I use a Canon EOS R (with EF lens adapter ring).

The instructions are well transmitted to the ring that flashes green, but the focus ring does not shift!

The solutions you give do not work!

Thank you for your help.

Ps: I just bought this ring....
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Re: The Helicon Focus FB d'ont works

Post by konstantin »

Hi everybody,

I have received the tube yesterday and was facing a couple of issues. Like the post above I have a 5d iii and tested the canon 100mm 2.8 macro and the 24-105 4.0. Only saw positive results on the zoom lens. Luckily I found Catherines step by step advice (above) which worked and also confirmed that the communication between my google pixel (usb-c) is happening. It worked not only in one shot but also in continuous.
About the usb-c adapters I can say, that the apple usb-c to audio jack converter (on an android phone) works, but every time I press send it turns the volume down a little and I have to manually raise the volume up, which makes the tube flash green. the better adapter is a third party one that allows charging at the same time. I have not tested other lenses yet but will soon do.
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