Configuration Utility on iPhoneSE

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Configuration Utility on iPhoneSE

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I am brand new to Focus Stacking and have just received my Helicon FB Tube. I could not get the Helicon Configuration Utility app running on my iPhoneSE to communicate with my FB Tube. Catherine kindly assisted me through the process and I thought it might be of value to post this to the forum for anyone else struggling to get their iPhone to communicate with the FB Tube.

1. Turn the general volume button/slider to max
2. Make sure the mono is OFF - this is found under Setting>Accessibility>Hearing>Audio/Visual>Mono Audio - turn to OFF
3. Equalizers and amplifiers should be OFF - this is found in Setting>Music>Playback>EQ - turn to OFF
4. Volume level normalization should be OFF - this is found in Settings>Music>Playback>Sound Check - turn to OFF

The Volume Limit setting on my iPhone was also set to OFF. I don't know if this is a critical step also? (Settings>Music>Playback>Volume Limit)

This worked for me, I hope I have stated the steps correctly. Thank you, Catherine.
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