Nikon D850 with 105 2.8G lens

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Nikon D850 with 105 2.8G lens

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The fb tube seems to work OK when focus starts from distance and moves closer to the lens, but this is not the direction I would like to use.I have read through all the posts and I am still not able to get my lens to focus from near to infinity.

I have reloaded the firmware and see green flashes as packets are sent, but there is no steady green light to indicate finish. I have never seen a red LED. I have removed the battery each time between firmware uploads.

I have tried to program the fb tube with both a iPhone 11 pro and a newer MacBook pro, using different adapters with the magnetic cord. With the MacBook pro I hear clicks and see a countdown as the lens data is being sent, with the I phone I see the countdown but hear no clicks (volume is turned up). With both computer and phone there is no flashing of the green LED as the data is being transmitted. Liveview is on, all the settings for the iPhone mentioned in earlier posts have been switched off.

I'm have tried both 80 and 40 as step settings and I have tried both normal and alternative setting for sending data.

I do not see crop factor for a setting on the OS software, I only see crop factor listed on the setup program for the iOS version.

Any help appreciated.

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