Helps to improving stack

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Helps to improving stack

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Hey guys,

I've been working on improving my stacked shots for over a year now. And while I believe I have made significant improvements considering all the variables (camera, rail, subject, lighting and software) there is still one big hold up. In some of my stacks, there seems to be blurring when two subject are close together. I attached a picture for example. This photo was after some manual retouching in helicon focus and sharpening using other software. Ultimately this is B Depth Map Smoothness 1, radius 10 because I found it works best without losing too much detail. I retouched it with a C method and some single slides. My camera setting are f/4, iso 100, 1/200 with flash. Taking steps at 50 micron with a wemacro for 2.5x magnification. The first picture is a cropped zoom. The second is uncropped. Also I adjusted depth feathering in helicon focus to 1.

Any advice is appreciated!
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Re: Helps to improving stack

Post by microns »

looks like the furthest is out of focus is where it blur.
you need to move your focus ring to the nearest then move it again to the furthest and both need to be in focus,
(there should be a display indicator on your camera to see if its really all the way to the left and all the way to the right)
this is how you check whats in focus by moving the focus ring all the way to the left and look
and then all the way to the right, it may go past in focus then get blurring again but thats ok if you at least seen it in focus.
not sure if rendering images to close to one another cause a problem on the left chose>every other one
and re render
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