New Here Macro Question

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New Here Macro Question

Post by RyderWilks »

Hello everyone! I'm new here and I want to put ask for all.

On which method you give some light to your object when you taking macro photography. Because when I want to turn on my lights, my object ( insects) will afraid and run away. I tried to rotate the camera on the other side and I get a bit of lights, but not enough.

Which depth of field is best for you? How much value do you use of ISO?
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Re: New Here Macro Question

Post by vkams »

Insects always run away, unless they are busy eating. Some suggest chilling them (but not to death) so they can be alone.

It is recommended to illuminate with flashes.
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Re: New Here Macro Question

Post by microns »

if you frezze lets say a fly it will appear dead but its just in dormant stage.
a trick you can show your friends take a fly and frezze it but not to long and when no ones looking take it out of the frezzer and place it in your palm
then go show your friends your dead fly and say ill make it come back to life, close your plam and blow in your plam which will have warm air and he will come out of dormant stage and fly away :shock:
and if he doesn't fly away you may have froze him to long givng him freezer burnt
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