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while we are at it

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The Florida pine forests were the source of wood, turpentine, and other solvents used to build boats for shipping in the 1800's

This turpentine mill was reconstructed from multiple mills. It is located in the research forest where I took the stack posted earlier.

I also posted a stack of a still used to separate the pine resins and derive the turpentine. This is located on the second floor of the mill behind the chimney

From the earlier pictures the agapanthus was done with a Nikon D7200, Nikkor AFS Micro 60mm 1:2.8 G ED, and the fb tube.

The forest was done with a Nikon z50 and hand focused as was the mill and still.

And why not, a stack of the oldest road in North Florida, still dirt. Nikon Z50, hand focused
best2020-09-05 21-56-19 (C,Smoothing10).jpg
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fix2020-08-08 22-14-29 (B,Radius5,Smoothing4).jpg
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