So Pleased With Helicon!

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So Pleased With Helicon!

Post by lnicole »

For the past year, I've been doing focus stacking with Lightroom tethered - focusing manually - and then putting together in Photoshop. Doing the manual tethering was time consuming and my results in Photoshop were seldom great. Doing automated blending rarely worked, no matter how many shots I took. I was basically doing my blending by hand which was not only extremely time consuming but always had ugly spots. I was beginning to question if focus stacking was worth it and should just learn to love the blur. (Note - I do love blur - but for different kinds of photography.)

I decided it was time to read up on focus stacking. I had heard of Helicon years ago, but I figured Lightroom/Photoshop was probably just as good. Then, I read about having the camera do the focusing for you and was intrigued.

Friday, I purchased Helicon Remote. My first day was a bit frustrating to figure it out, but yesterday, I got it working and Wow! I'm so impressed. Not only is it so much easier to do the shooting, but the results are light years better! Another thing that is awesome is that I will often shoot my flowers with a white background and a black background. With Helicon Remote, I'm finding that if I'm careful with changing the background, I can just click "Start Shooting" again without needing to reset my focus points!

Helicon is such a HUGE time saver for me! Here's a Chrysanthemum I shot yesterday. Note - this is intended to be included in a design later, so it may look a bit odd at the moment just floating on white.


I'm not sure if the image worked?
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Re: So Pleased With Helicon!

Post by Catherine »

Thank you for showing us your lovely work! And I'm very happy to hear you've discovered our software and found it useful and time-saving.

The link didn't work because it was pointing to a Dropbox web page. I took the liberty of editing the link to point the image itself (right-click on the Dropbox page - Copy image URL), although I don't know how permanent this image preview is.
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