Staubkarte / Dustcard

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Staubkarte / Dustcard

Post by wiedehopf »

Hello, it seem to me, that english langueage is needed....?

I am using Helicon Focus Premium 7.6.4. with a WIN 10 64-bit PC.

Just a short question: Usually the function "Dustcard" is used with a white background. Would it also work when trying to get rid of dust on black background and thus would it bei possible to use a black dustcard?

Thanks for information!
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Re: Staubkarte / Dustcard

Post by Catherine »

Hello! Feel free to post in your preferred language, but if you post in English, your message will be easily accessible to more users.

You can use a black dust map to remove "hot"/"stuck" pixels (those that always produce a signal, even in absence of any light). But actual dust will not be visible on a black background.
You can also use a half-exposed background (near 50% gray) to remove both dust (black specks) and hot pixels (bright dots) at the same time.
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