Pronounced Hallo

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Pronounced Hallo

Post by SergeG »

Canon EOS 5D MIV
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L Macro lens

Stack of 82 pictures using Helicon Remote - natural sunlight from window.

I've tried all options in Helicon Focus and all resulting images show halos - Modifying the radius & smoothing did not fix the problem

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


2021-03-19 11-28-39 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).jpg
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2021-03-19 11-28-28 (A,Radius8,Smoothing4).jpg
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2021-03-19 11-28-13 (C,Smoothing4).jpg
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Re: Pronounced Hallo

Post by Catherine »

Thank you for posting the images.

Please go to HF Preferences: General tab and check the 'Show legacy B method' option. Now Method B (legacy) will show up as one of the rendering methods. Please try this one, it may work better in this case.

Also please try shooting at a smaller aperture (larger f-number).

If this doesn't solve the issue completely, several retouching strokes in HF will help. The general workflow is described in the video:
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