Grey smudge around the hair of an insect

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Grey smudge around the hair of an insect

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Please see the attached photos.
Photo 1: Helicon best stacking results
Photo 2: Crop showing rock background in perfect focus above the insect
Photo 3: Crop showing hair around the top of the head in perfect phocus

All around the insect, where where are hair, there is a grey smudge (halo ?) between the hair. I have tried many settings and the best ones seems to be:
Rendering method: Method B
Radius: 1
Smoothing: 1
Preferences: normal
Input: RAW Files

Camera: Olympus E-M1 Mk II
Lens: Olympus 60mm macro
LED light with diffuser
Settings: RAW - 1/400 sec - F:/4.0 - ISO 320
Focus Stacking: Olympus 15 images - Focus differential: 4 - delay 0 sec.

Is there a solution for this problem ? Thanks for helping me.
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