Compatible Lenses

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Compatible Lenses

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hi, i wonder if all the Canon autofocus lens will work, like the: EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM , or is some requirments from the lenses?
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Re: Compatible Lenses

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The tube is compatible with most of AF lenses. The full list of tested lenses can be found on our website: ... atibility/
The tube is compatible with this 18-55mm lens, some of our users tried and confirmed it is. But it's important to mention that Helicon FB Tube - just like any other macro extension tube - changes the properties of the optical system, bringing focusing points much closer. The video on the main page of Helicon FB Tube demonstrates the changes in focus distances when using the tube: ... n-fb-tube/ (00:28).
Here is the table with some figures that will give you the idea of the focusing range of some of the lenses when using an extension tube: ... distances/
For instance, for Nikon 24-70 @f8, @70mm, the nearest focus point is being shifted from 0.38 m to 0.11m, and from 0.3 to 0.14 m for Nikkor 105 mm @f8.
The most simple and straightforward way to check if you will be fine with the changes in the working range of 18-55 lens would be to mount any other 12 mm extension tube and see how focus points change.
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