purple color

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purple color

Post by rudivd »

Hi all,

Just starting to use Helicon focus for macro. (running on mac, using adobe DNG converter)

I did some stacks (5 images) if mushrooms lately, they were little overexposed (like 1/3 stop) areas on the images,
which normally, for my sensor (Canon 6DII) is no problem.
I stacked the images, and then postprocessed the resulting DNG in Luminar. Inoticed when do an exposure correction
like -2/3 stop on the (white) areas of the resulting image I saw purple color areas coming up, like the masks that you
see helicon is using in its process.

Is this normal, (ansd will I have to underexpose images that I want to focus stack a little, to prevent this) or am I
doing something basic operations wrong ??

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Re: purple color

Post by Catherine »

The purple color in Helicon Focus comes from applying the color profile of your source image to the neutral gray color of the mask used during computations. It's very difficult to display the mask on the screen without applying the profile, so while this is an unwanted effect, we leave it be because it's purely cosmetic and does not affect anything. This is not a sign of any issues. If anything, it means that the color profile of your images was correctly understood and applied.

As for your experience with Luminar, I have no idea. If white and gray, i. e. the neutral colors, look right on the resulting saved image before you start processing it, then the false color is likely a bug in that processing software.
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