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Slabbing issue

Post by ebonino »

I did a test on a bee acquiring 259 images, performed a split consisting of 10 images + 1 overlap obtaining 29 substacks. Compiling with Method C in Helicon, and comparing it with Zerene's PMax, there are some errors in the compiled image, as visible in the three images visible below.

Some bristles are doubled or there is a shifting visible in the antennae (image on the right, in Helicon, version 8.0.1 BETA) while Zerene (image on the left) does not show this problem.
Compiling instead the whole set of 259 images (without any slabbing), the result is correct.

Although it may be possible to correct this manually, using the edition tools, I think it is important to correct this slabbing problem in the final release of Helicon v.8

Thank you.

Bee Details 3.png
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Bee details 2.png
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Bee details.png
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