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Re: Stack shoot not workin with Nikon D8O0/Nexus 10

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#2 is the only real issue here. Make sure that both the lens and the camera body are set to AF rather than MF, and also check the autofocus settings in the camera menu. You need to select the most basic single-shot mode - no continuous, servo, AI, face detect etc.

You can use AF or rotate the focusing ring by hand to set the first point (which can be either A or B, it doesn't matter which one you lock first), but afterwards you must only use the <<<, <<, < / >, >>, >>> buttons to navigate to the second point. Using AF will reset both points, and rotating the ring by hand will result in "the A and B points can't be at the same spot". This is because there is no feedback from the lens to the camera on the focus position. The only way for the software to register focus movement correctly is to use the <<< / >>> buttons.

#4 sounds like a bug on our end, using AF must always reset both points.
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