Bizarre output foreground and background

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Bizarre output foreground and background

Post by GracieAllen »

This is the first time I've ever seen anything this odd. Hopefully somebody has an idea what I'm doing wrong.

PC, I9-12900, AMD 5750 XT, 64GB memory. I've tried this with HF 7.7.5 and 8.0.4. Looks the same on both.

13-image stack, captured with Helicon Remote several years ago. Runs fine, processes with no errors. But instead of the out-of-focus foreground and background being the normal soft blur, I'm getting this. I've tried smaller sets and it looks the same. I've added a couple images that are just background blur, and it still looks the same. I grabbed a screen shot showing the first image and the output.

I've tried Method B and Method C - both at their defaults. I've used the 5700 XT and tried with no OpenCL.
Is there some preference I've got set wrong that'll cause this?

(303.83 KiB) Not downloaded yet
I ALSO ran the stack using Affinity Photo and it processed the foreground and background correctly.
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Re: Bizarre output foreground and background

Post by Catherine »

Try switching the stacking direction (Ascending - Descending). If that doesn't help, can you send us this stack for research?
It's unfortunate that you have cropped the image and we can't see whether there was a warning (red triangle) indicated for this stacking result. If there is a warning, it is likely that it is related to the issue.
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