Helicon Focus and DNG files

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Helicon Focus and DNG files

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Following problem:
I work with CR3 files which I develop into DNG files through DxO PureRaw 1.5.
Although the DNG files were all created by the same software, the Adobe Converter is the latest version (14.3), the raw development settings are preset to "RAW-in-DNG-out", I cannot save the finished stacked images as DNG and get the message: "failed to create dng file from raw using Adobe Converter".
Other Staks, on the other hand, work perfectly, even though they are in the same way and "produced" in the same way.

I've been trying to get behind the reason and error of the message for some time, but unfortunately I haven't been able to do so to date, so I'm hoping for help here.

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Re: Helicon Focus and DNG files

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Could you please send us one of .dng files for us to take a closer look at it.
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