Retouching, Problems with mouse wheel and shortcuts on Mac

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Retouching, Problems with mouse wheel and shortcuts on Mac

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according to the Helicon Focus manual, ... nFocus.pdf

zooming in/out should also work with the mouse wheel, also adjusting the brush size and brush hardness should be possible with a corresponding key combination + mouse wheel. At least on the Mac neither seems to work? I tested this on two iMacs and the mouse wheel only moves the image up/down instead of zooming in/out. When zooming with the +/- icons or also with the keyboard shortcut, you also have the problem that when you zoom out and in briefly, you don't end up in the same position again. This is annoying and makes post-processing laborious and awkward.  

It would also be practical if you could continue the post-processing in another, specialised programme such as Photoshop. To do this, you would need the result image and the corresponding individual images as they were aligned by Helicon Focus and adjusted in colour and brightness. In principle, a project can be saved/exported with all images, but these are the unprocessed original files. When importing, e.g. in Photoshop, the images must therefore be completely realigned and then you still have a problem with differences in colour and brightness of the individual images.

The ideal would therefore be an export, e.g. as a Photoshop file with the optimised individual images as a layer and the corresponding masks, as they were created by Helicon Focus. Is there currently at least some way of exporting the individual images as optimised by Helicon Focus?

Many of the key combinations are unfortunately not very practical. To change the brush size, for example, you have to click Option + the 8/9 keys on the Mac keyboard. This is very inconvenient. Perhaps it would be possible to offer a corresponding configuration option for changing the shortcuts in future versions, so that a user can adjust the settings himself?

Many thanks, best regards and SLAVA UKRAINI!
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