What should I see change in Method C when I change smoothing?

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What should I see change in Method C when I change smoothing?

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I processed a series of images of a flower using Method B and C. Then I got curious about what the smoothing value in C should do, so I processed them again and did Smoothing 1, 2, 4 and 8 in Method C. What I was hoping was that the slight, dark halo on part of the image would disappear as I went up or down with Smoothing but I'm not seeing ANY difference in the 4 images.

I've gotten these in the past when I used Method C, and usually they're much more pronounced, but this time I got curious about what I may be doing incorrectly - the images were shot under a cloudy sky, which didn't change perceptibly during the exposures. Capture was done with a Nikon D850 shooting image stacking so there wasn't any perceptible movement there - push button, let camera do it's thing, no mirror, just capture.

I took the Smoothing 4 image and circled a couple of the areas where I see the slight halo, and (hopefully) attached all the images as small jpegs, so if anybody has thoughts let me know. And if it's normal, let me know. It'll only let me add 3 images, so I put all 4 together in 1 image with the smoothing in the top right corner.
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