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Post by Sekim »

I sometimes render the same stack twice. For instance, once using Method C and again with Method B. This is being done for retouching but often the second output image is not recognized in the retouching panel. The "Use another output as a source" tab indicates there is "No compatible outputs."

Why is this?
Is there a way to insure images rendered by the different methods are always compatible for retouching?

I am using version 8.1.1.

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Re: Retouching

Post by Catherine »

The requirements for output compatibility are extremely relaxed: either the first image of both stacks is the same, or the resolution of the two resulting rendered images is the same. Even if different rendering methods yield results with 1-2 pixels of size difference, which is possible if automatic crop is enabled (ON by default), the comparison of the first image should make them compatible.

The reason it doesn't work for you is probably that the stacks were processed in different order (ascending / descending). In that case the first image of the stack is different, and the resulting pixel sizes will also be different. So check your rendering order, turn off automatic sorting if necessary.

It could be that automatic sorting flips the order every time you run a render, this means that the Z order is not uniformly decreasing or increasing through your source images. In other words, this means there are extra images on one of the stack ends that do not contribute any useful information and should be removed from the stack. This situation is usually indicated by a corresponding warning on the stacking result.
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