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Connection to Nikon Z6 has stopped working

Posted: 19.05.2024 19:21
by jimh12345
Yesterday, in the middle of a project, I started to get "camera not connected" while using USB. I then tried both wifi AP and network modes, with no success. Went back to direct USB and now HR recognizes the camera, and seems to connect, but I can't do anything, most of the interface is disabled.

I've tried rebooting Windows. I disabled AutoPlay. Nothing else seems to be running on the PC. Tried another cable. Tried resetting ALL camera settings. Tried "wipe settings" in HR and restarted. Nothing changes.

When connected, the Z6 shows up in Windows Explorer, and I can access the memory card in the camera. The camera display says "connected to PC". HR had been working fine and AFAIK I haven't changed anything. I'm totally stuck.

I've attached a screen shot of HR in this state. Maybe someone can give me a clue of what the display is trying to tell me...?
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Re: Connection to Nikon Z6 has stopped working

Posted: 20.05.2024 21:43
by Catherine
Please reproduce the problem and send a bug report (menu - Help - Report a bug).