need help with Dust Map

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need help with Dust Map

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I am a new user with Helicon Focus Lite 4.0.3 (just purchased and downloaded a few days ago) on a Mac OS X. I'd like to use the Dust Map feature, which the website said is "supported" by the Lite version. I assumed "supported" meant "included in", but maybe not. The instructions say to use the Dust Map as follows:

- Prepare "white frame". After (or before) you shot all other images, make unfocused (!) shot of the white surface, so that dust on the sensor can be easily identified.
- Start Helicon Focus, add stack of images.
- Add dust map using "File->Add dust map" menu command.
- Run combining process.

However, there is no "Add dust map" in my Helicon/File menu.

What am I missing?
Dan Kozub
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The dust map was temporary disabled but it is back in the current 4.0.4 version.
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