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Photo>Lightroom>Helicon Focus>Lightroom? Best/Your

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I am batteling with figuring out the most efficient workflow integrating heicon focus with lightroom.

Currently I am capturing images and importing them into lightroom. Then optimising them, exporting to helicon focus to stack them, then reimporting back into lightroom. This creates a bit of a nightmare because now the image is not in the same folder as the original images (referenced in lightroom) but in a separate folder. Consequentially, the helicon focus image cannot be stacked/grouped in lightroom if the images are in separate folders, thus, I need to find out where the originals are stored, then copy the helicon focus image back into the original folder, reimport the helicon focus image but this time leave it in place on import and finally group the image as a stack with original in lghtroom. It just seems quite tedious.

I would like to know how other people tackle this problem? What is the most efficient workflow?
Dan Kozub
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When you save image (Window version of Helicon Focus), you will see "Source folder" in the upper right corner of the Save dialog. Set it ON and you will be switched to the folder with source images.
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