Flower landscapes

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Flower landscapes

Post by robertwol »

Thought I'd share these two efforts from this spring in Gloucestershire. Very impressed with HF, especially in the speedwell photo (the blue flowers). This needed NO re-touching in HF, just the usual processing in Lightroom.

Re-touching the other picture might have gone better with a graphics tablet - anyone tried that?
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Re: Flower landscapes

Post by jimshirey »

speedwells are gorgeous little things. here is one i captured this spring in athens, ohio. canon mark 2 with an mp-e 65 mm. as i recall, this was about 2.5x magnification. i had enough slices to get the back petal, but decided to leave it out. it's difficult to deal with the edge confusion when you have detail behind detail.
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Re: Flower landscapes

Post by dhoward »

Casablancas and stargazers always look really nice and true to their own. They are not as flashy as other flowers individually but when you are able to pack in quite a good number with matching colors, you can pretty much make for great photography any day.

I will be posting some of the pictures I took using a Canon 5d with a sort of special setup to go with it.
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Re: Flower landscapes

Post by george74 »

I have never been tried to edit pictures using tablet. But then, I'm trying to study how to manage it as as my brother is planning to me that one. However, I have experience editing that same picture in adobe Photoshop, and it looks great.

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