Congratulations on a glowing review on Luminous Landscape !!

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Congratulations on a glowing review on Luminous Landscape !!

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Congratulations on a glowing review on one of the most important photography websites (Luminous Landscape) !!! :D

from Dr. Dubovoy at ... icon.shtml
Helicon Focus is a terrific tool, and as such I have definitely added it to my arsenal. It allows me to get extended depth of field while using cameras without movements, such as an Alpa TC, a PhaseOne or a Canon.

And there is no reason at all why it cannot be used with a view camera, in combination with view camera movements to produce images that would have been impossible or unimaginable without these types of software tools.

Therefore, for me the view camera is far from dead. It still offers unparalleled image control versus any other type of camera, and in conjunction with modern digital tools it is still the most powerful and the most versatile image capture device extant for still subjects.

In conclusion, the 64-bit version of Helicon Focus allows me to make images that I found practically impossible to do in the past, and also to make “classic” images with extended depth of field in a new and painless way.

This is a tool I can definitely recommend to those photographers that shoot relatively still subjects and need to extend depth of field well beyond what a typical lens can provide.
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Yep, I am very pleased too :)
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Have you seen Zerene Stacker?

I have only just commenced initial testing of both versions of software (Helicon Focus & Zerene Stacker) for a university research project, and already I can see that the retouching features of Zerene Stacker appear to be better than Helicon Focus. It allows for much faster retouching using the shortcuts. There is a video tutorial that demonstrates these features here: ... orial.html

I like the user interface of Helicon Focus a lot better than the Zerene Stacker. I thought I would share this with you so you may be able to improve the retouching tool within Helicon Focus in the future to make it an even better product.

I'll post the results of my research here in a few months when it is complete.


Wayne Baker
RMIT University Scientific Photography
Melbourne, Australia.
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